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                        高效型稻谷輸送雙段高壓風機的性能 The performance of high efficiency paddy conveying double section high pressure fan;

                        1.超靜音型 , 無噪音 : 馬達直接運轉,在通過加上一體式的銷音設施,改進了高壓風機噪音大的現像 , 從而達到靜音的效果。 Ultra quiet, no noise: direct motor operation through plus one type of pin sound facilities with improved high pressure fan noise is like, so as to achieve the effect of mute.

                        High reliability, the machine can still run safely when use changes. In addition to the impeller, the high-pressure blower has no other action so the reliability of it is that it almost needs no maintenance. It uses precision bearings and the lateral one and only with good heat radiation, so it has the following advantages: high compression ratio; low bearing operating temperature; long grease life and maintenance free.

                        3.安裝容易 配備齊全,可隨時安裝與使用,供壓縮空氣或用于抽真空,也可任意安裝于水平或垂直的方向。
                        Easy equipped installation, ready to install and use compressed air or used for vacuum, can also be installed in any horizontal or vertical direction.

                        4無油無污染 葉輪旋轉時,免潤滑,因此可保證百分之百無污染。

                        Oil free and pollution-free impeller rotation, free lubrication,this can guarantee one hundred percent no pollution. 

                        5.最高品質 經過20 年的專業制造經驗,最精密機械設計加上慎重電機配合標準儀器測試,使用所有零件均能達到最高品質要求,運用標準 ip54 , F 級馬達效率高,故障極少,馬達與鼓風機之間有軸封分試,預防異物進入。同時為確保功能效果,每一臺鼓風機在出廠前均經過嚴格測試。 5. The highest quality after 20 years of professional manufacturing experience, the most sophisticated mechanical design with careful motor with standard test equipment, using all parts can achieve the highest quality requirements, using standard IP54, F high efficiency motor, rare fault, seal test points between the motor and the blower, prevent entry of foreign matter. At the same time in order to ensure the effect of the function, each blower before the factory has been strictly tested.

                        6. 電壓 : 萬國電壓型, 50HZ 60HZ 均可用 , 無論您的產品是出口至歐美的使用 60Hz, 高電壓的國家 , 還是中東 , 非洲等使用50Hz 電壓的國家及地區,漩渦高壓風機均能達到要求。 voltage: universal voltage type, 50HZ 60HZ are available, regardless of your products are exported to Europe and the United States the use of 60Hz, high voltage state, or the Middle East, Africa and other countries and regions using the 50Hz voltage, whirlpool high-pressure blower can meet the requirement.